I need advice from someone out there who knows more about Gibson pups than I do. I've been wanting to put a set of '57 classics in my SG for a while, and this is a sweet deal if these are for real. The seller has 100% positive feedback, but I just want to make sure before I buy 'em.

Take a look and see if these are legit.

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I wouldn't call that an incredible deal. You can find used sets of those for much less than that, I think I sold my 490R/498T set for $75. They look legitimate enough, but I think if you took a look at classifieds here, on HCAF, and the gear page, you'd be able to find a good set of pickups for less than that.
Colin-Thanks for the info. I've sorta been keeping my eye out for a deal on 57's and this is the best I've seen thus far. I will keep looking around.

Anyone else have any input on this subject?
im a thrash player, like the gibson v but i might swap the pups for emg and do a 18v mod or might get blackouts