I was playing today and all of a sudden my low E went really loose. I noticed that where the string sits on the bridge, the inside wire had snapped but the wire wrapped around it had not. I immediately took off the string and checked that the bridge saddle was not sharp and cutting in to the string. It wasn't. The string has been on for a while and I was thinking about changing them all soon anyway. I'm using Ernie Ball 9s.
Is this common, has it happened to anyone else?

EDIT: Oh yeah, my bridge is just a normal strat tremolo, Not a Floyd Rose or anything
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started a thread `cos you`ve snapped a string........replace the set and carry on playing

Yeah, but it was wierd, been playing a while and thats never happened before. (The way it snapped)
usually when a string breaks like that, it's because it's been bent in directions it shouldnt be.

if you had your guitar strung up as normal, then don't worry about it.. it was just the string breaking
Its normal. Most of the tension is on the core anyways. That has to snap before the outer winding breaks. Once the inner winding breaks, the outer winding can stretch and snap also. You just have a case where the outer winding unraveled after the inner winding snapped.
Old guitar strings are prone to snap easier. Nothing huge, it just happens.

And it was a perfectly logical question to ask, ignore ibanezgod1973 and don't afraid to ask questions. Its good to be informed about the workings of a guitar, especially if something happens to someone else, you can tell them.
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Normal. In my exerience, the wound strings usually break that way... especially the bigger ones; they only break clean when they are really worn, but even then there is usually a thread or two holding on. Unwound break clean.