Yeah, so I want to buy a guitar. Basically after something like an Epiphone Dot, Fender Standard (mexican) Stratocaster or Telecaster.

I just wanna get some offers of what people could sell to me. I'm going to go look a bunch of used guitar shops soon so I want to know what are good prices, what are not- like how much should I expect to buy a used mexican fender strat/tele for?

But anyway, the point is- offer me some guitars for sale. I'm willing to pay what I have to pay if I want the guitar, but am after something around £200-320 ish.

Cheers. Post pictures if possible please and I'll get back to you
What price should I find a worthwile MIM fender at? There's many on ebay selling for about £280 and there's people selling them on the forums for around that price, too?