Hello, I own a Zoom G7.1ut pedal, this has a USB interface. And I often use this to record stuff via audacity. This pedal has its own asio drivers.

Now ive herd things about amplitube, and it sounds rreally cool. but i have no idea how things work with aplitube into cubase, all i know is its a VST plugin (without knowing how to use VST into cubase).

Are there instructions around I could get my hands on?
When recording, do I get to hear what im playing live?
Are amplitube a program with patches? or is there like many versions of amplitube?

Thanks in advance =)

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Well, Amplitube is alot like your Zoom pedal except it's laid out on the computer.
There are many programs out there but if you're going to purchase one then get Peavey Revalver instead. It sounds much better than Amplitube in my opinion.. most people would agree.
There's also many free amp simulator VST plugins as well for an alternative.

Inserting a VST plugin into Cubase isn't difficult so it isn't so hard. The program (like amplitube or revalver) is also stand-alone so you don't have to use it as a plugin if you just want to play without ecording.

For instructions on these types of programs and using these guitar VSTs in Cubase then go here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1131250

And when recording, you do hear what you're playing just the way it'll be after it's recorded.. but the joy of it is that although you hear it the way you set it up.. it's only recording as a completely dry guitar track so if you don't like the tone afterward you can change it and such. The plugin acts as an effect on the whole track so can always be modified.

As for the last question, not sure entirely what you mean.. I think there's just one version of Amplitube.. but I think they have add-ons for it and such.. like Amplitube Fender and Amplitube Metal.
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You've answered all of my question in its full entirity. thank you =)

Definitely going to try it out now! Ive tried guitar rig3 but it didn't sound like the once i hear, anyways thanks!
Glad to have helped. =]

And yeah, Guitar Rig isn't too great.
Revalver blows it away. Or even those free guitar plugins that were in that thread I linked. Those are better. :X
Just takes some fiddling around to make sound good. =]
Okay im super confused, how do you even open revalver in cubase lol

All i can do on cubase is press the recording button and record. please help =)
Look at that link I posted. You click the insert button and then select your Revalver dll file.
If it doesn't show up you need to change the VST directory to the folder the .dll file is in.
On the left side look for INSERT - then on an AUDIO TRACK - click the 1st empty INSERT box and your VST's should appear - select the Effect or Amp Sim you want and it'll be inserted... Then make sure MONITOR is clicked on to hear it used. Does this make sense? If not I'll try to reword it
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But im using the standalone application. I meant to ask, where do I find more "modules, there're only like 6 amps to choose from". I see alot of people on youtube have like metal patches and stuff.... how does that work?