when i used to play guitar i used to just let it flow i never even payed attention to my right hand, i could play virtually anything i wanted as long as i worked at it, i was writing a song a week and loving it i was having so much fun it was ridiculous. i was gettin ready to go to school for my guitar and scored a very large scholarship to one of the premiere schools for guitar.

But then i got in an argument about anchoring my pinky to the guitar. my pinky i had
noticed was on the guitar but moved with my hand so that my right hand could have great mobility, but i was told it was still anchoring and it was terrible, then someone told me it was just BS spread by technique elitists, so i tried playing unanchored then went back to it again and kept switching it back and forth, i even focused on it so much that my right hand at the pinky joint even started hurting, i was told by many people it was all in my head, it never hurt me before, it actually felt very natural.

So now here i am i cant play anything i used to be able to, im so focused on where my pinky finger is at at all times, that i cant focus on anything else. I used to wake up and be so excited to strap on my guitar and play for hours, it really was my escape from everything. Now the thought of picking up the guitar and playing just makes me hate everything, all i do is get pissed off and like i said before i cant play shit now, its not even fun anymore.

is this all in my head? i have no clue what to do all i know is i cant play like i used to be able to and i cant stand it. theres no way in hell im gonna quit playing someone just tell me what to do please.
Anchoring is considered poor technique, but technique really just comes down to what works for you.

If you've been anchoring all this time and have been having no trouble with it, by all means keep anchoring.

If you can't play because you're so worried about it, it's in your head. Chill out.
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thats just it i practiced for a bout a day or two unanchored and then went back to it so now im worse anchored than i am unanchored i think the only thing i can do now is to make the switch completely. lol i just answered my own question what a dumbass i am lol.
Do what works for you. If it is ruining the fun of playing when you switch then just go back to how it was. As long as it sounds good to your ears who gives a fuck if its proper. The reason people pick up an instrument in the 1st place is to have fun. If you ever find that something is making guitar playing seem like a chore, then find out what it is and get rid of it. Ive been headfucked about things like that before, its just in your head.
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