Heya, just a song my band recently knocked together, let me know what you think, what kinda work needs done to it, etc.
5 - I Bleed.gp4
The songs sounds really good. I especially liked the solo. The only part I didn't care for was the guitar bend on the riff with the high bass part. The bend seemed rather annoying on Guitar Pro but maybe it sounds really good when you play it. It's hard to tell without an actual recording.

Edit: Also the bridge riff is really catchy and really adds something special.
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dude its really good

but the only thing is like the chorus is to poppy everything else is awesome i espically love the bass line great job

and solo was amazing

good job!!!

and hope for the best
Meh, the main riff was waaaaaay too repetitive. Like, I few times I wondered if I had accidently clicked backwards in the song XD

The chorus was okay. But the straight 8th notes were too plodding... It needs some rhythmic spice, and maybe a high melody above it. The breakdown at Bar 79 is everything wrong with metal today, a low chugga-chug riff, then a squealy XD

However the solo is ****ing beastly. I love how its nice and bluesy at some parts, and if the song were shorter, at a faster tempo and overall less repetitive, it'd be a nice song. Nothing epic or anything, but something your audience won't go get a drink during.

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ok good job....i didnt find anything wrong exept for the repetiveness....
i really liked the solo, the chromatic run is awsome!
just one thing about the solo, i think if u change the note in the bars 156 157, it would be better, because this note is used a lot in the previous bars...
just like previously said, nthg epic....but still a fun song to play live

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As said before, I found it repetitive. I really enjoyed it from bar 118. (the breakdown?)
I liked the solo! I think it carried on a little too much, but it was good.

You should add markers (Shift + Ins) where the verses and chorus and other parts of the song are. It'll make your tabbing and finding where everything is, easier.
My only question about this song is why is there such an amazing solo in such a shit song (no offense)? I mean come on, mix it up a bit, the riffs seem like a n00b wrote them that just heard some killswitch or something, if you have the ability to play that solo then you definitely have the ability to write better riffs/song structures.

/2 cents
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