This thread is for original material only!!!
Any genres!!!

We all have a solo we have wrote that we are proud of the most so I thought lets hear them and give abit of background about how you wrote it, gear used etc etc.

Also please post feedback on each others solo's!

OK so i'll start.

Mine is a track of my bands which was initially just going to stay acoustic but we have decided to make into a full band song. The track is called 'Sorrow For Sinners' and it was wrote and recorded by my bass player which I must say should take all the credit for cos I think the song is a stroke of genius.
I came up with the bones of the solo and lead parts bout an hour before we recorded it and when recorded took me about 4 takes til I thought it was good enough. I used my Gibson les paul classic 2002 w/SD Alnico pros on the neck pickup with the tone rolled down with my JCM900 4502. No effects but I think we put a little delay and reverb on afterwards with a cubase plug in.

The track is on our myspace


I look forward to hearing everybody elses best solo's.
garyd7: Tha was BRILLIANT!!
In my profile, the song called Outta My Sight

I'm still working on my phrasing/technique, this is my best so far...
I think I just had a touch of reverb on and used the Brit-J800 amp in gearbox (the modelling software that comes with line6 toneports). My main inspiration back then was Jason Becker and Trivium somewhat. I used a Jackson DXMG guitar and the drums were done with beatcraft in about 5 minutes. As you can probably tell and from the name the main technique I used was sweep picking than at the end is a sort of backwards tapping thing.

Theres another epic metal solo on my page you all might like...it's at 4 minutes in to the song called "bob".
Song Title: Guitar Solo
Link: http://www.myspace.com/lorcansmusic

Recorded on a boss 1600 using a Digitech metal master about 4 years ago I think, one
of my first recordings, was inspired to record it after watching the G3 jam over rockin in the free world, I used a ton of different scales for this such as pentatonics, blues, Major, minor, chromatic and Hybrid scales,major and minor 3rds/7ths
Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!
It's in my profile called "Solo of an unfinished song".

Yeah, it's not much, but it's my first solo that doesn't suck. I recorded all guitar tracks with a USB mic in front of my Vox VT15, and bass tracks were done with my Acoustic B10 and the mic in front of that. Drums came from the internet.
While not a riff, Van Halen had a song from the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album called "316"... it's an acoustic guitar playing solo.

I've done my best to redo it myself. I scaled back the crazy chorus and effects to keep it as clean as possible.

edit: whoops, I just realized this is for original stuff. my bad
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