I can't decide between Boss or Digitech's digital delay pedal. They both sounded awesome when I tried them out and are around the same price range.

The digitech had a lot more settings and effects, which seemed kind of unnessecary.

Can you loop with boss pedals? Also, I've heard that you would get a lot of humming with a boss digital delay?

There are a few types of boss digital delay also, does anyone have suggestions on which one is better?
The Boss RC-2 is a good loop pedal, and there are bigger ones if you want to spend the money.

You can also do some looping with a DD-6 though. I've never had humming problems with mine.
I second the DD-7, its great. Only effect from boss that i like.
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I have the Digitech Digital Delay, and the least thing about it that the delay stucks in the pedal. So when you turn it off, it gives a last delay signal. Though mine is second hand so that could also be the problem. But the times and stuff are really well. And the reverse delay and mod delay are really cool. The loop function is also nice but the time of it is not really long.

I`m happy with it, but use an adapter. It eats batteries...
You might want to consider a TC Nova Repeater, very solid delay pedal, no loop function though.
Which Digitech are you talking about? The DigiDelay or the Hardwire DL-8?

I have the DL-8 and can safely say that it's an amazing pedal.
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Actually, what pedals are you talking about in general? Just saying Boss or Digitech isn't gonna help much. You could still mean DigiDelay, Hardwire Delay, DD-7, DD-6, DD-3, DD-20 etc.

+: I have a Boss DD7, and I'd recommend it.
The Digitech pedal is a DL 8...hardwire.

As far as the Boss pedals go, im stuck between the DD3 and the DD7. Both digital delays. I played the DD3 and the sound of the effects sounded a little different, which I liked. A lot of the stuff on the dd7 felt like i wouldn't use it anyway. Ill probably wish i got a dd7 though.

Does anyone know if the sound of the dd3 and dd7 are actually different?
ive got the dd-20 and find i dont really end up using the extra stuff on it unless im bored. you probably dont need anything with too many bells and whistles - i got the dd-20 because you could input tempos into it, mostly
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I dunno if you've seen them already but I have a Line 6 DL-4 and I love it.

There's a bunch of delays on it and they all sound good. Plus it has a good looper.

You might be able to find a good deal on eBay on one like I did.
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does anyone know if the dd3 loops?

No, it does not. DD-3 is a simple, ping-pong delay unit... If you want more features (looping, tap tempo, longer delay time, etc.) then get the DD-7.

I have/love a DD-3, it is probably the only Boss that will be on my pedalboard by the end of the week.
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i would get the tc electronic nova repeater, it does everything but no looper
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I've gone from a DD-3 to DD-7 Then a Nova Delay and back to My DD-3 it just sounds better to me IMO. I just picked up a 2nd DD-3 NIB I'm gonna let go.
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