So I have recently decided that my Peavey combo amp is pretty much shit and that if I can find it cheap I may as well get a good tube head. Just so you know what I'm thinking about I just found out about the Bugera 6262 and was thinking about the 2x12 cabinet they offer to match it.

Problem is I've never owned a cab or a head and I'd rather not blow the thing up because I don't know how to hook it up right. I'm just looking for advice on what all I'm going to need and things to be careful of (for instance I know about making sure ohms match up), but I don't know about watts very well. The head is 120w and the cab handles 160w I believe so as far as I know I'm good, but then I see cabs handling a couple hundred and wonder if a smaller difference is riskier or something I don't know. Stuff like that, stereo vs. mono for instance, I'm kinda clueless :P. I know I'm kinda asking for a lot so I really appreciate any explanations .

Also, any input on the particular head and cab I'm looking at is greatly appreciated .
- Make sure you use a speaker cable and not an instrument cable when you hook up the head to the cab

- Make sure you match the ohms on the head and cab

- If the head is 120w, any speakers totalling 120w or more is fine. If your cab is 160w, that's plenty.

- Don't ever turn the amp on without having a cab properly connected

- Is it a stereo cab? If it is you'll need 2 cables.
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The Bugera really does get the job done...It's no WOW or "woooh, this thing is a beast" for me. It mainly is a "ok" all around basic rock to metal amp. I much prefer my Randall RH50T over it to be honest. I find the Randall has more balls when you got a OD in front
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Can you give me a quick run down on the difference of stereo and mono, and how would I tell? Seen some cabs that I thought did both but I could very well be mistaken.