ok so i have a problem. not too big and its stupid but anyway
i just got a metal muff with top boost distortion pedal, and when i put it into my amp and kick it on, all i can get for a sound is a deep, scratchy, non bright sound.
I THINK this is because the battery is low?
if thats the problem, where can i get a power cord for it
Replace the battery first too see if that is indeed the problem. Then look at how you are eq'ing both the amp and the pedal, set your amp to a neutral eq (low, mid, high all at 12 o clock) and on the clean channel then gradually adjust the knobs on the pedal to see if you can get something other then what you had.
when you bought the pedal, did you not try it through the same amp and guitar you use.

check the battery, check your cables are in the right way round, check the cables actually work.

if your going to get more stompboxes in the future it`s best investing in something like a jim dunlop dc brick or voodoo labs pedal power. (replace the batt 1st for the time being as those units are expensive).

i don`t think the metal muff is dedsigned for being bright anyway.