I just wrote this song today, but fits into my new album, Gave It All, I'm hopeing to get drums on all the songs.

Anyway, this one is more of a Thrash Alternative style, tried to give it a more emotional feel with a bar chord chours. But I think my lead guitar ruins it till the bridge and the ending chours, I think it sounds ok there. I have two other songs on my profile if ya'll want to look at those, it should be the top few.

Anyway, what could I change in the song? What do you think of the song?

Linky: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play722743

Thanks for any crits, if you leave me a linky I'll crit yours.
I think you should cut the lead from the beginning to 1:35, and let it appear sometimes a littlebit, because your rythm riff is good. at 2:45 it sounds pretty good.

The drums a little bit off sometimes.

If you wanna go to a thrash direction, try to play some megadeth songs, its really improving

Thanks for the crit!
Thanks, its my third time programming drums ever, so I guess its ok that I'm a little off. I keep makeing them too difficult to play to. lol.

But I agree, my lead kinda sucks, especially on the higher strings. I think I'll cut the lead out till 1:35, or mabey just let it come in at the bridge/breakdown.
I'm gonna have to agree about the leads in the beginning, though only up until around the 52 second mark. from that to around 1:20 or so you could use it as a solo part. the riff is great and the tone suits it really well. i don't know if you're planning on adding vocals at all, but if you're not, definitely change up the riff a little at times, as it seems to drone on. that could just be my personal taste. nice breakdown part at around the 3 minute mark. the only thing i would change is adding vocals or changing the riff every once in a while or add vocals, and cut the lead part at times. i think the tone on the lead could use a little work as well, as to me it seems a little harsh, and not in a way that suits the song.

thanks for the crit!
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yeah i think the lead thing is trying to over take the song abit. less is more.
apart from that the riffs are there they just need bringing out and speeding up, remember thrash is faster heavier technical punk based. think diamond head fused with motorhead.
work on your tone with leads maybe.
the drums will come together after a while, it took me a few attemps to sort them out.lol
use gp5 and transfer them over or something.
keep at dude.
Yeah, I know, I really need a new guitar for leads, my Squier is not cutting it anymore, no matter what I try, I can get that crappy lead tone to soundd better, it even sounds bad through my amp, and my guitar is perfectly innotated. The only thing its really good at is heavy rythem playing.

But I know, its a Thrash Alternative song, so I slowed it down a bit. Its only at 120 BPM, which is what I like to play at.

But I'm writeing drums using Drumkit, the basic program with a bunch of plugin drum sounds. It takes a couple of hours, but it works. Then I write guitar to the drums. I poorly planned this song, but it seemed to work.