So im almost at the end of my firrst year learning to play guitar and everything is coming along really well except one thing and its to do with barre chords, now this isnt the question that has been asked a thousand times i am able to play barre chords and change to and from open chords quickly but my problem lies only on the G string.

basically when i play an E shape barre chord if i want to play any chord that does use my pink ie a minor or dom 7th the g string mutes or sounds but buzzes, now i have quite strong hands and it does seem to matter if i move my index finger up or down a bit i still have the same problem the gstring buzzes or mutes altogether, also as when i move to a 5th string root barre chord i dont move my index finger much just raise it slightly i can also experince it with the shape too with some chords.

I have tried everything from pressing as hard as i possibly can asking someone to press my finger and nothing seems to work, so basically what i am asking is do i just have weird finger shape? or is this something i could sort out by changing string gauge and action. i am currently using 10's with a medium action set up.

any help much appreciated. Danny
I thought it may be a guitar problem but my teacher can play it fine, he said he has never come across anything like it, it has also been professionally set up only a month or so ago so i dont think that can be it.
You need to tilt your finger slightly so that it's on its side.
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Try barring your finger and just playing the barre. Lay your index finger across a fret and pick each string individually. Sort of roll your finger while holding down the strings above the one you are playing.
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