i was wondering if anybody could give some feedback on a recording i just did.
it's the first song, Drive, that i'd like feedback on, though some on the others is appreciated.

and of course, C4C
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Got to love that punk rock. It sounds really good, the guitar tone is perfect for punk rock. The lyrics need to get a bit more gritty though, and need to come forward a bit. But overall really cool.

Not bad. Good punk energy and the melodies are decent. My main complaint is that the singer doesn't sound like he's putting forth the same amount of energy as the band - it almost sounds like he is whispering the lyrics instead of actually singing them. Try doing another take and next time have him sing as loud as he can without straining his voice. The louder the better though, I think singing louder might fix the issue but there are other ways of putting forth energy into vocals if it doesn't. Also the singing was a bit pitchy at parts and some of the harmonies seemed off, but that can be fixed with practice.

Nice basis for a song here though, just try another take or two on the vocals with more energy/volume. Oh and the solo near the end was a nice touch.

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