Yeah, we know, everything good ends! I hate her, i love her, there's no turning back. Too many bad things had happened.

And i wrote that song for her, mostly for me, because i'm the one that cares.

I tried to make a bit of modern sounding cliche ballad that goes into a heavy part. It has some generic stuff there on purpose.

The best solos i've done are here. It was done in like 5-6 hours, it just came from the heart and i don't its completely finished but it sounds good to me. I hope someone likes it and never feel the same heartache as me. Tbh writing music helps.

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    it sound great love it
    Music is the hardest job on the Earth, but I rather die, than do anything else.

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    It's really beautiful.

    The harmony and rhythm is flawless, nothing bad to say about that. The change in chorus 1 was surprising, but as a transition to a heavier part it worked perfectly fine. I like the last part, but I'm not sure if I'd put it there (or use it in another song/part of the song). What would be really nice is to listen to the piece with the vocal melody on it, since that can make a ballad mediocre or outstanding (assuming it has a vocal melody; if it's instrumental I'd add a lead guitar at least in the verses).

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    It's the same riff from The Call of Ktulu.

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