I bought a BBE Green Screamer because it has a very similar sound to an Ibanez TS9 (but it doesnt beat it) and weeks later bought a ts9 used. But it seems i have to nearly max out the pedals for them to give any sort of boost to my tone.

So i have 2 questions
1. If where should i place my TS9 in my FX loop of my JSX to get a better tone OR should i do it through the input? BTW my loop goes (OUTPUT<GREENSCREAM<TS9< BOSS EQ<BOSS TU<CRYBABY<INPUT)

2. If the TS9 is so much better of a pedal is there any reason i should keep the green sceamer?

any comments will help thanks!
I'd go-

Guitar-Tuner-Wah-Green Screamer-TS9-amp-EQ (fx loop)-Speaker

If you like the TS9 more than the Green Screamer, and never use both at the same time, then by all means get rid of it. Are you using them as a clean boost or as a gain-addition.

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Well it depends, can you find a use that the BBE fulfills that the TS9 can't? If you can't then just sell it and get something that you would be able to use productively.
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I use it as a solo boost but it doesn't do the job enough I use the GS for a clean overdriven tone, and the TS9 is my rhythm tighting or attempt at a solo boost.