Poll: Taco or Steak, Pit?
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Tacos (WOOOH)
5 33%
Steak (Eww.)
10 67%
Voters: 15.
Me and a fellow UG'er have had an argument recently. He says that Steak is good and taco's are not. This is ridiculous. I have a photo here, to prove this.
Vote in the poll to show him that steak sucks.

So Here's Steak:


And... taco's

Wow, I think I have to go change my pants.

Now, along with voting, you should discuss the deliciousness of both steak(ahha, gross) and tacos.
Steak is EASILY better than tacos.

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How can you even compare them they arent even in the same league.

Kobe steak Bitches..
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is this a joke?
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is this a joke?

No, sir, it certainly is not, I need to express the superiority of tacos over steak to my friend Floppypick.