This is an old song, about 3 - 4 years old (I posted the original demo here about then), and this is the upgraded version now that I'm 2 years better than I was before =]

Let me konw what you think, I'm tempted to release it as an EP locally in support of my album.

It is really awesome, wonderfully haunting...

Only things that weren't appealing to me was the acoustic guitars, too much high mid and treble for me, and the vocals as well, too much treble was making it seem a bit harsh to me.

As for the song and the rest of it, I enjoyed it a lot, the piano sounds magnificent, and the synths/strings sounded great as well! Loved the intro as well, I am a fan of stuff like that, though

Overall an excellent job, if you ask me.
its good. but too long and loose. the paino deal needs to come in way way sooner. its a cool pink floyd thing you've got going but i was tempted to turn it off before the 40 second mark. but im glad i dident. great stuff. reminded me of a haunted forest. gave me chills. everything flowed good. i liked the acoustic string in there. it gave it an edge like a razor. good stuff man. but i think you need to give it a haircut.

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great song. i thought the intro was too long though but once it started i started to dig it. it was a more thought out piece instead of a straight shredding piece which i liked. the guitar rhythm was good too at around 1:15 as well as the rest but in particular that part. very short part but for some reason i really liked it. the piano gave it a really nice vibe that makes it stand out from other songs however i think it got a little too repetitive for the length of the song. i thought the ending was good too. overall very good and excellent quallity.

listened to king of carrot flowers cover and also liked that. not much else to say on that cause it's a cover.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1220400 there's my song if you want to listen and crit
So the general consensus is cut a minute out of it

It works very well within the album context, it's the second track and its the calm after the storm of the intro track. I think I'll cut some of the intro/outro and get it on an EP :P: