Every member in this band has different tastes and it's hard to categorize our genre, but basically we play some form of rock mixed with a bit of everything else. We've got some indie sounding stuff, some grungy stuff, some metal influenced tunes, punk, ska, hip hop, while still sounding like US and not some weird bastard child of music. You might like it.

We assembled in February and are now working on recording a demo/ep.


Check out our music video:

Oh, and If there are any other kinda similar bands in the LA/socal area shoot us a message. Us musicians gotta stick together.
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Does your guitarist have the Dean Z vintage?

I have the exact same guitar if so, kinda cheap..but plays ok.

Your band was ok, it started out horribly, but it got better to say the least.
You left out one of the 'w's in www. for the myspace, so the link doesn't work.
I think the music is ok by the way, don't particularly like the singing though. Sorry if you're the singer, he has an ok voice but not so good for this style.
missing a w.. fail. thanks. I'm the guitarist, yeah it's a 79 Z it plays surprisingly well for the price.
He has more of a hiphopish voice but hes getting better and better.