Hey guys,

Just got my Script Phase 90 reissue and SuperComp in today and MAN am I digging it. This phase 90 is smooth as shit, and the compressor sounds awesome already. Granted, I have a lot of stuff to do to find the sound I need but it'll get there.

A few questions though -- I have my Phase 90 in the front of the amp because in the FX loop its all treble and mids... any ideas? It completely cuts low/low-mid end out.

Also, what are your guys' preference on EQ/Compression in the FX loop. Right now I have the EQ first and I like it, but I can't really tell much of a difference when I alter it up. Maybe my ears are still too noob...

Thanks for reading and I look forward to some responses:

tl;dr supercomp and phase 90 script are awesome. why does phase 90 sound like poop in the fx loop?

On to the pics:

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Sorry for the shitty quality, camera phone, my camera's dead. Whatcha think?
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It sounds like poop because generally a phaser works better infront of the amp (IMO) it's not a time based effect so it works better in front.


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hnpd man looks kool

but ive always wanted a phaser but cant justify buying one because I wouldn't use it. When do u use yours?


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I mainly bought it cause like many folks I like to get as close to I can to an early VH sound. However, I find I am using for a lot of 80s rock.

I think Hoobastank used a phaser in one if their songs too so thats sweet /sarcasm

But really man, its an awesome and versatile pedal! I listened to some clips on the Phase 90 (stock) (don't have a store worth a damn around here that has pedals) and I am very happy with the script.
Blackstar ID:15TVP
2001 MIA Strat (SD '59/Stock/CustomCustom)
Early 80s Fernandes The Revival '57