Hey guys, I have big plans for my epiphone dot (Cherry) lefty guitar. Here is a list of thing I'm planning on doing, hoping for some feedback on what you think and maybe some suggestions?

Replacing stock pups with Bare Knuckle Mississipi Queens.

Getting a full setup done (intonation, fret polish, neck treatment etc etc)

Changing the switch, jack and wiring to higher quality (Would a guitar tech person supply these things at request of would I have to order my own?)

Replacing stock nut with graphite nut

Getting better quality bridge and stop tailpiece (again would a guitar tech person be able to supply these?)

This one im not sure about, thinking of getting it sanded down to natural and re-glossed (the cherry finish looks almost like its stained from the wood though, would this be still possible?)

Hope to hear your comments
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The setup work you shouldn't have any trouble doing yourself. How much do you know about setting up a guitar?
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Why are you going to pay a tech to do all this for you? There is ample help available on this forum that any of that is easily achievable yourself - you'll learn loads in the process as well.
That sounds pretty cool, I got an Epiphone Les Paul 100 that I'm doing up at the moment. If you got it reglossed though it would be quite expensive, on my Les Paul I just left it natrual and it looked quite nice.
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Swapping the bridge and tail piece shouldnt require a tech at all. And basic setup action, intonation all guitar players should learn. You will find getting pickups and pots replaced on a hollow body will set you back more cash than a solid body. Getting a proper nut for it will require a tech, being a lefty there is almost no selection in aftermarket precut nuts. As a lefty I know all to well, I bought the tools and learned to do it myself.