I was wondering how you can hold a note without it dying out? I've been watching some youtube videos and people just pick once and holds the note until they let go of the fret (for like 10sec+) I can't do that on my guitar+amp :l. (Roland micro cube and yamaha pacifica 812v).

What do I need to do to do that?

Thanks guys
This is called sustain. When your string vibrates, it loses energy to air resistance, producing sound and vibration through the body, etc.. so to increase sustain you want to decrease energy loss. So if you have a guitar with a set neck like a gibson les paul, it will sustain for a longer time. Also if you have a bent headstock you will get more sustain because the strings will not lose as much energy through the nut. Also using effects such as compression or fuzz etc.. will give you more sustain. So with your guitar the only way to get more sustain is a compression or fuzz or another pedal
Thanks jinjan29. Whats the difference between compression and fuzz? Which one is better and any good cheap ones that I can buy thats realiable XD?

Thanks again
Hmm I've found two so far, which one do you guys think I should buy and what are some pros and cons between these two? (I want to hold the note as long as possible with great sound )

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Compression isn't an effect, it's a signal process where the dynamics of a note are levelled out - i.e. loud notes come out at the same volume as the quiet ones. This explains why you get more sustain, as when the string loses energy it gets quieter, but the compression keeps this signal at around the same level as when it was just picked.

Fuzz is an effect where a lot of gain is applied to the signal. This results in a natural compression noise, as the added gain enhances the volume of the dying note.

For real monster sustain, use a compressor and a fuzz/distortion effect together.

I hope this helps.
Bottom line, you're not going to get mega sustain from a little practice amp like the Microcube, the most important factors in your situation are a properly setup guitar and good technique, particularly vibrato.

The "endless" sustain you hear comes from a combination of factors - good technique, a good amp, lots of volume, proper EQ'ing and clever manipulation of feedback.
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It's more about the technique then the guitar. Proper distortion, and alot of vibrato and guitar shaking and you can hold it as long as you want.
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