if youre lookin for a good low-priced guitar or a backup guitar/somethin youd screw around with at a gig in the back/throw at or hit someone with then its perfect

for recording/playing live/trying to impress id choose somethin else
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Stock they leave alot to be desired. If you arent prepared to do any mods like decent tuners then pay the extra and get the standard.
I like my 100. I would like some new pups, but for the most part it stays in tune pretty well. i personally think any tuners that aren't nonlocking are all the same.

Overall i would give my guitar an 8
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I put a pearly gates in the bridge of mine, and it sounds pretty good. Doesn't play as nicely as my custom, though.
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Anyway, IMO it is not worth it. You will need to upgrade the electronics, and the neck to me feels weird.