Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this amp? if so could you give me the strong and weak points of this amp cause im really considering getting it

I'm not worried about quality control/it being made in China because lots of good guitars were made in China and they play amazingly (my Ibanez) and if it craps out cause of poor quality ill just send it back and get another
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I am an owner of a 333xl and i enjoy the tone of this amp however the reliablity is just to big of an issue for me to overcome i have had it crap out on a few occasions while i needed it most. i do know the 333xl has the most trouble out of the amps bugera makes however so you should be fine with new tubes and a bias adjustment they run pretty cold stock and the tubes that come in it are pretty bad.

The 6260 is a copy of the peavey 5150 but at the price they have them listed now it would just be a better deal if you were to get a used 5150 head or combo off of ebay. i know there are about two combos currently listed on ebay for reasonable prices if you want to check it out. i just bought a 5150 head and was completely blown away by it it is an amazing amplifier especially for the price i paid. in my opinion the 6260 can get close to the 5150, but not stock. the stock amp is very fizzy sounding and lacks the mid crunch you would get from a 5150.

i have heard of people using the 6260 and being completely happy with it. if you go onto the bugera users militia page there are a ton of people who are very good about answering any and all questions about bugeras and can reccomend you wonderful tubes and cabs to get the tone you are looking for.

But like i said i would reccomend just getting the 5150 if you are into the sound of the 6260. the clean channel on the 5150 is worse than the 6260 but the gain channel makes up for it for sure.

hope this helps!
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for a start it kicks the shit out of your mg,
they seem ok, iv played one in a guitar store but i wasnt on for long enough to make up my mind about it
have the 6262 head. first one, the tubes died within an hour. sent it back, got another and it has been almost a year with no probs. great ****in amp, well worth the money
Bugera = Behringer and I don't think I've ever seen a piece of Behringer equipment that wasn't broken.
Behringer distributes Bugera, they don't make them. I'm not a fan of their amps, especially when you can get the real thing for less.
Today I played both a 6260 and a 333 at a guitar store for comparison.
I found that although the 6260 had that gritty heavy sound similar to a 6505, the 333 had a much smoother, midsier, tighter, and better heavy tone (in my opinion) than the 6260.
The 333 also seemed to have slightly better cleans + crunch (don't take that comment into to much consideration though, I wasn't on those channels very much.)

Keep in mind the volume was at about 1-2 on both amps so it may not be the fairest comparison seeing as the amps weren't cranked, but personally I'd save up the extra bit for the 333[xl].
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