I got this FREE electric guitar off some dude today, and I have no idea anything about it. It has "Kingston" brand logo on the headstock. Here's what I know about it:

I know it's real old (1960's?).
It's made in Japan (JAPAN is stamped on the back of the headstock).
It's a single pickup, solid body.

Supposedly Kingston was a named stamped on US imports of Japanese axes made by Teisco (or something like that) in the 1960's... I could be wrong... Does anyone know anything about it? Or maybe have seen this model before? It looks nothing like any other Kingston/Teisco guitars I've seen around the internet.

Here's a few pics:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, it has a pretty unique METAL pickguard (can't tell from the pics). I don't know why someone would want a metal pg, because the thing is scratched to hell... but it is pretty unique, however poorly planned that design flaw is.
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Looks like a Silvertone or Tesico. I could be wrong though, There are plenty of Japanese guitars out there.
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How does it sound?

I have no idea! I'm away, and wont be home til Monday, and dont have access to an amp. Plus, its only got the E A D strings, so I won't know til i replace them with a cheap set. but even if it sounds like a dying cat in a trash can, it was free, right?

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its a rare version of what are called pieces of shit

thank you, i knew that from the minute i picked it up... but how could I say no to such a prime example of the american love affair with cheap imported products?
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If this is a Kingston, then it was built by Teisco. I have a number of Teisco built guitars. Teisco built guitars under a variety of brand names - e.g. Audition, Checkmate, Heit, Norma, Silvertone, Duke, Fuji and Kingston. They definitely used chrome pickguards on some of their guitars.
Looks terrible to me. I mean, like a Teisco... yeah
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its unboubtidly (or however you spell it) some sort of japanise tiesco.
they distrubuted under loads of names

it looks vintage dude, keep it safe...
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its a rare version of what are called pieces of shit

and so are you, though I think we all wish you were in the 'extinct' catagory.
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