I'm Planning on buying a Marshall jcm 800 but I've noticed that there is a 2203 version and 2205 what's the difference? Which one is better and why
Some people prefer single channel amps. Tone is a little more 'pure' if that makes sense. It boils down to what you need. They are all killer amps.

Here is quick breakdown:

2203 = 100 watt single channel
2204 = 50 watt single channel
2205 = 100 watt dual channel (diodes for distortion)
2210 = 50 watt dual channel (diodes for distortion.

Get an 80's 800.
I found an 80s jcm 800 2205 I just wanna know is that one any good? What do you mean by diodes for distortion? And on the 2205 does the distortion come from the tubes or from a chip like the dsl
It's not just diodes for distortion; they have additional distortion provided by diodes. Many tube amps today incorporate diode clipping. Essentially what diode clipping means is that not all of the distortion comes from the tubes; they get part of it from one-way resistors (not solid state technology) which serve to clip part of the wave form so it is more jagged (i.e. distorted). Think of it as having an OD pedal built into the amp.
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Thanks Raijouta that cleared alot up im planning on buying this used what should i know about it before i buy it?
Thanks Raijouta for correcting me. I meant added diodes for disti.

Get pictures of amp and details on tubes and other potential work or mods. Doesn't hurt to ask for recent clips of it if you can't play it live. See if he will give you a week to return if somethings wrong. Inspect tubes for abnormalities on first power up.
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what do i need to know about the tubes? which tubes do jcms usually have and how will i know if they are in good condition