I have my 10 years old traditional series strat (made in america) and after all the years the tremolo is not working as new any more.
i wanted to replace it but i cant find any bridge here in my country so i am searching for tips to imprive it. So far ive got

1. 3x1 Oil when i replace strings
2. Silence the sprins with something in them
3. Block the tremolo from going back (i used carton) so i can drop d.

Any other?

Specially i would want to make it more smoth to use, and be abre to put the tremolo arm in a position so is not moving around.
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I'm quite sure you could get a new trem from E-Bay, or another company.
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Well, what's wrong with it?
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The srew to put in in position is loose son it wont stay quite in a sinle position... so is troublesome to me
Is not as easy to use the vibrato anymoere as it use to
and the tunning is not hold as it used to be
1) Have you tried a new arm? Unless you stripped the threads of the block, in which case you can replace it.
2) You mean how easy it is to move it? Try loosening the trem claw or removing a spring.
3) This has nothing to do with the bridge, as far as I know.
I have a ponytail fetish.
..And a labcoat fetish. SCIENCE!