I'm looking for a good pop-punk sounding bass (Blink-182/No Doubt ish sounding) for about $250-$300 to go along with the other bass I have to start a band with my friend, but I really have no idea what to look for having only played bass for about 3 years and sticking with the crappy one I bought off of eBay.

I was looking on Guitar the Center website and my friend recommended maybe a Squire Standard bass. So I'm wondering if I should get a P bass or a J bass, or maybe even a whole different bass in that price range.

And I'd be playing with a pick for this band, so would that alter my choice altogether?
p bass is better for punk, but i guess id recommend using the jazz with no neck pickup, play them first before deciding
P-bass is perfect for pop-punk. Mark Hoppus uses a custom jazz though(basically modded to be a p-bass). I have a jazz and it works but the p-bass is the better choice.
Get a P-bass and when you get the cash slap some p-90s in there.
the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass is a cool bass (they are less than $300 i think)... it looks pretty rad and i've seen a bunch of punk bassists use a j-bass (not this one exactly tho). Correct me if I'm wrong, but i think both Bryan from the Bouncing Souls and Matt Freeman of Op Ivy/Rancid fame both play Fender Jazz Bases. Both used picks for the most part when I saw them.
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Get a P-bass and when you get the cash slap some p-90s in there.

can you get p90s for bass?

I'm assuming you mean these, or are p90s something else as well?

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i'd recommend the 60's classic vibes P bass... sounds better than other squier p's, is still relatively cheap, and nothing's more pop-punk than a baby blue bass...
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First I would try to find a used MIM Fender, either a Precision or a Jazz, both are going to work well.

If you can't find one, then I would go a Squier, either the Vintage Modified or Classic Vibes series'.
A Squire P-bass should be in your range, and if not then that ibanez that guy was talking about should be
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Squier Vintage Modified series all the way. After that, take a look at the Ibanez SR300. When it comes to the Fenders/Squiers, the P bass is considered punchier, the J a bit more versatile (some people find the neck more comfortable), though you cant go wrong with either.
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search Ebay/craigslist for a fender p bass and try not to spend more then $250 spend the other $50 on a a seymore duncan quarter pounder pickup and you should nail the exact sound of blink 182/greenday bassist.
this is the most surefire way and your bass will actually sound very good especially for the money. fenders are built like tanks for the most part so there should be no worries about getting them second or third hand

Squire P basses are good too if you insist on brand new equipment. squiers make better p basses then jazz basses too so its not half bad.
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A squier VM P-bass ill get closest to the sound you want, but a Jazz, an Ibanez SR300, or a Peavey Millennium are all good choices as well.

edit: Looking off of musician's friend, there's also a Jackson C20 available for $300...awesome bass. It 's a P/J bass as well, so you can get lots of sounds from it.
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go to your store, play a jazz bass and play a P bass, both are great for the genre, it's up to personal preference.
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Honestly? You can dial up a decent tone on an Ibanez, but it would be my first choice here. I love my Ibby, but for punk I grab the old Accubass (a p-bass clone). You can probably find a nice used MIM P bass in that price range.
I have a Vintage modified Squier Jazz. The popular recomendaton for punk is the p-bass, but i much prefer the jazz. Take a listen to my profile song. It's a Squier VM jazz with a seymour duncan quarterpounder pickup.
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