Hey all, I found this old Kustom cab on craigslist in my area that's going for pretty cheap. I was in the market for a new amp so perhaps it would be a better deal to buy the cab and amp separate instead of going for a combo amp?

So what does the bass forum think about this? Here's the link for the cab so you guys can take a look as well.

If the cab seems like a good deal, can you give some recommendations on some 200W heads? Thanks in advance!
200 watt 2x15?


should be ok, but I have a feeling that thing is gonna be muddy.
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After reading the faq, I did notice that it wasn't one of the usual combination's that are provided with most cabs.
Would the fact that it is a bit old maybe cause some problems like having to change the speakers and what not?
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Would the fact that it is a bit old maybe cause some problems like having to change the speakers and what not?

It says perfecr working condition so unless 1.he's lying 2.you use it in a way other than intended or 3.are unlucky then I don't see why a speaker change would be necessary
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I think that I'm gonna go ahead try to make the purchase since it wouldn't be to much money lost if there was a problem and from what you guys have said so far. Thank you bass forum!
Uhh if the speakers are from 1970 like the advert says it is I wouldn't buy it.

Just remembered back in the 70's speaker quality wasn't what it is today and most bassists played through low wattage guitar speakers en masse.
^ It's fine...that's a bass cab. It's rare to find a 15" speaker that won't handle bass frequencies.
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i'd offer $50. the speakers will have to be replaced. from the pic's, those are not bass speakers. the offer is for the cabinet only. perfect working condition does not mean, perfect sounding condition.
Those are all very good and valid points. Thankfully I haven't bought the cab yet and I don't think I will be. Perhaps it's a case of vintage not always meaning good.