these settings give the best metal tone for a dual rectifier very close to injustice for all tone. bold, vacuum tube, output between 11and12oclock or 11.5 if you will,. bass just before 12oclock. mid between 7 and 8 oclock scooped. treble 2oclock. presence 9.00scooped. gain between 3and4 oclock. channell 3. mxr10 band eq scoop out frequency 125hz and 250hz. fulltone ocd level 9 oclock tone 12 oclock gain 12oclock.both pedals are out front. guitar with emg 81. these settings give you the best metal tone a dual rec get in fact you wont get a better metal tone in my opinion with out a mesa mark 4 or 5 or a engilsh powerball.after six months with this amp i finally found the tone i wanted.one more thing quality cabs are needed preferably celestions.
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