To start off id just like to say that this is just for getting a nice sound and variety set up going for the best price for my wishlist ) im a beginner guitarist but i want to end up playing orginal songs and covering bands (not with a band but just for enjoyment) like In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, Pink Floyd, All that remains, As i lay dying, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Poisonblack, Sonata Arctica, The Human abstract to name a couple.

So far i have found three promising amp modeling or systems, the Line 6 Podx3 would run through my computer speakers and has the greatest variety but will take a lot of time to figure out, the other 2 amps Line 6 Spider and Vox have less variety but also have other things running for them which ill explain, also thanks in advance for any feedback which is my main reason for writing this just so i can get an idea before i decide to go look and spend some day

:Amp modeling system (Has tons of tones varieties effects, etc and plays through computer speakers or home speaker systems) at a lower cost than most tube amps.
The only problem i have with this system is most reviews ive read on it describe it as being overwhelmed by the pure number of things that prevent them from getting the sound they want due to all the effects and things, but if i figured it out im sure it would be worth it and Killrbuckeye.com describes it in detail somewhat also

(I found this Pod by watching Killrbuckeye on youtube who uses it and his covers of songs sound almost EXACTLY alike and are a lot of my favorite bands , i suggest you check out his videos using the podx3

:This amp has recieved really good reviews for its tonal quality and number of customizations for the price, it also is a lot simpler than the podx3

Or the line 6 Spider
which also has good reviews and variety and meets the vox and podx3 somewhere in the middle in terms of sound variety, im not sure yet which one i might want but just to give u an idea, im just going to be playing at friends house but mostly by myself for practice and covering. I just want a set up i can get and dont have to keep upgrading to get different sounds etc.

Now on to the guitar, Ive been looking at mostly Non-Tremolo systems basically due to the amount of out of Standard tuning i will be doing and with a floyd rose it will take much longer to get it in tune once its out.

So if you have any suggestions on a guitar with the best Value you can think of lemme know, so far ive got 1 at the top of my list which is the ESP LTD standard MH-401QMNT (link: http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_mhnt.html)
for about $700, I am looking for a guitar that doesnt skimp on sound for looks, so looks dont really mean anything to me. As long as it sounds great i could care less. any guitars with a price range of about $400-800+

The reason for me picking the ESP is because Killrbuckeye also uses the EMG 81 85 Active p.u which the QMNT sports ive also read about the 81 85's and get great reviews too so you can probably guess why im looking for a guitar with these p.u, but i play a off brand s101 strat copy that i got for 50 bucks so any suggestions here would be great too because ive only heard 2 different types of pickups! lol, thanks.
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As i lay dying.... yes
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Stay away from the Line 6 spiders.
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Wow ok........

My suggestion-

Ibanez RG321, the one with the fixed bridge.

This leaves you with more money for the amp.
Stay away from the spider
if I were you, I'd stay away from a POD and computer speakers.

Look into-
Peavey Vyper
Fender Superchamp XD

generally EMGs only really sound great through tube amps. Based on the amps that you're looking at, you probably won't have the money for a tube amp.

Do not trust online reviews. They are written mostly by people who don't know what they are talking about. Spiders get great reviews but are really terrible.

What is your budget for the guitar and amp together?

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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lol @ wanting to buy a pod off of some videos that sound extremely generic

Get an EC1000 from Sam Ash for $499, and a Superchamp XD. With some haggling, should run you just under $800, and it'll last you a long, long it me.
Which one are you talking about? the EC-1000FR, FM, QM, SW or VB?? which most also have EMG 81 - 60 P.u or Seymore Duncan JB and 59
Jumbug: It really depends what you want to do with your setup. If you're pretty sure you're always going to be practicing in front of your computer, and you'd like to record, then something like the POD X3 makes perfect sense despite what some people here might say. Also, the claim that "EMGs only sound good through tube amps" is completely baseless in my opinion, yet it gets repeated on here as absolute truth. (I'm an engineer with some background in DSP, and I've yet to hear an explanation for this that makes any sense). You said you like the way my stuff sounds, and it was recorded using EMGs through solid state devices, so you should be able to form your own opinion on that.

If you think you're going to want to haul your amp around to practice with other people, then a combo amp makes a lot more sense. I haven't played through a lot of combos, so you should check out some of the recommendations others have made.
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Hey Killrbuckeye thanks for clearing that up, thats more of the kind of answer i was looking for, i just wanted to make sure this is what i wanted to spend my money on, im going to see if i cant go demo some stuff also