Today I got a Fender Jazzmaster from my local music store for $650, an awesome deal compaired to the $900 it normally is online. I had it on layaway for a little over a week, but I picked up today to play it at a gig I had. It had an awesome sound and everything but the bridge was just terrible!

The problems with it are countless, besides crazy fretbuzz the strings never stay in the saddles, which of course causes even worste buzzing.

This is what happens after if I play on the low E string just a little too hard.

This is what the B and high E string are like most of the time (which meens they buzz really, really bad)

And as you may notice some of the grub bolts are missing, apparently they just fell out of there in the time there at the store. And of course that meens the action is all messed up. And to think, I had to play a gig with it like this, lol.

It really sucks since the guitar is able to get an amazing tone, feels incredibly comfortable to play, and is just an amazing guitar, but the bridge is just insuffurable. The bridge is so bad that the guitar is virtually unplayable, and it really sucks to have an awesome guitar like a Jazzmaster and not being able to play it without the bridge being a dick.

So of course I'm going to replace it to save my sanity. I was thinking about replacing it with a Fender Mustang bridge since I heard that they work really well, and I can use that till I get enough money to get a Mastery Bridge. But I've also hear that Tune-o-Matic Bridges are also pretty good.

I need to know what would work better, the Mustang bridge or the Tune-o-Matic bridge. I also need to know if they are both easy to instal. I know that the Mustang bridge is easy, I just need to know about the Tune-o-Matic.

So post your oppinion on what I should get. I really need to order a bridge and replace it ASAP since I have a gig this Friday and would like to have the new bridge in and ready to play before then.

Hope you can help!
A mustang bridge will just drop right in, and if you wrap the posts in electrical tape you can stop it from moving back and forth [like it's meant to] to make the intonation a little more solid.

The problem with a tuneomatic is that your jazzmaster probably has a 7.25" fretboard radius and tuneomatics have a 12" radius, so the action will be out by a huge amount unless you try to file the slots in the saddles. If you want to do that then a nashville tuneo should fit, you might have to wrap the posts too and you'll have to shim the neck to correct for the string angle.

The J Mascis, Thurston Moore, Classic Player and HH Special Edition Jazzmasters all come with different kinds of Fender "Adjustomatic" bridges, which are really just custom made Gotoh bridges. The Mascis and CP have 9.5" radius bridges, the other 2 are 7.5" but they both have modern posts on them so you'd probably have to drill for bigger inserts in the body. ReliableFender on ebay sells them parted out of original guitars, I grabbed a 7.25" and stoptail about a week ago for about $15.

You could always get a Whizzo Buzzstop, I think Angela and GuitarPartsResource sell them - It's a bracket that fits on the front of your trem that increases the string angle and should solve the string jumping. It also gives you more sustain, but makes the trem a little stiffer and you lose some of the general Jazzmaster vibe.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.