Hey guys, quick question on piano technique, lets just say the left hand (can happen to the right hand as well) has to play these notes. Assuming the 5 is the pinkie and the 1 is the thumb.

5 on C, then 2 on F and 1 on bA (all notes are ascending.)

Would it be more technically correct to play the F on the higher bit of the white key (moving our wrist towards the piano) then setting our thumb into a position to play the Ab more conveniently, or to move the wrist after playing the F, to get the thummb to reach the Ab. First or second? thanks dre.
I'm no piano player but...
I'd say to do whatever is most comfortable.

Your first method seems like it might hurt your hand a little bit, but then it seems like less work than the second one, where you'd have to lift your whole hand and shift it to play the bA.