I laybyed a guitar at my local Allans Music here in ballarat, a Jackson DXMG dinky, it said on the allans site that they sell them with Aldar Archtop bodies which i wanted, but on the jackson site it says they are made out of basswood, i don't want a basswood guitar.
When did they start producing DXMG's in basswood so i know if i walk in there it'll most likely be a basswood? or do they sell them in both woods?

I need to know because i'm going in tomorow to talk to them
on the site it says

You are entitled to a refund or repair or exchange or credit if the products you have bought are:
• faulty;
significantly different to those shown or described to you; or
• not doing what they are supposed to do.

if it is basswood do you think i can get my money back?
Yes, I think so. At least, you should be refunded if the product isn't exactly what it's supposed to be.
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If they told you it's alder and it's in fact basswood then that'd be enough to get a refund. That's a pretty significant difference.
Somehow I doubt it's an archtop too... Unless you've actually been in there and confirmed that it is.
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