A lot of people have linked me to Rondos music lately and I don't know if they're any good.

They have a lot of mimicing guitar looks which is awesome because its cheaper, but do they sound any good? I want a new metal axe, but would I find one for a good price on Rondos?

What is rondos anyways... they have like nothing I've ever heard of.
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Rondo Music is a company that imports guitars made by factories in Asia, some of which are the factories that make guitars for Squire and Epiphone.

I can't attest for that others but the Agile guitars are legit copies of Epiphone guitars. Some of the higher end Agiles are higher quality than their Epiphone counterparts.
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Rondo doesn't make the guitars. They sell agiles, douglas, and sx.

My friend owns an agile al-2000. Cost him $199 and its infinitely better than any epiphone lp you could get. It weighs as much as a gibson, and the fit and finish is immaculate. The only thing, if anything, that should be done to it is upgrade the pickups. I may get myself an agile al-3000 at some point. The al-3000's have alnico pickups instead of ceramics and have a triple binding

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