so as part of my music course in school i need to play songs with a broad range of styles, i already have a heavy song, and a rock song. i am having trouble picking another song.

i need something that is fairly straightforward acoustic folky rocky song that has a few different or extended chords in it, the idea behind the song i want to do is that it shows my chord skills, so i want it to be chord orientated, and preferably just for one guitar.

thanks alot.
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Early Radiohead, The Bends or Pablo Honey, can't go wrong, just what the Doctor ordered...

strumming, or just chords? Leaving on a Jet Plane- John Denver is pretty good chord-based ssong, and it can be done in different arrangements, like finger-picking or strummed or w/e
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I would recommend some Harvest-era Neil Young, like Old Man or Needle and the Damage Done.
maybe some dave matthews band? crash into me has some really good chord work, but its pretty much the same chords all the way through...