I play metal, and I play Thrash/Death/Prog metal and am trying to think up my dream rig. my main guitar is an Ibanez RG220B with a Dimarzio X2N and Tone Zone combo and I primarily enjoy very attack oriented tones. If anyone needs help getting an idea my top 10 fav bands are Darkane, Scar Symmetry, Meshuggah, Vader, Suffocation, Pain Of Salvation, Byzantine, Chimaira, Bloodbath and Nevermore.

As of right now my current rig consists of this.

Crate Shockwave GT3500H head on clean channel with all knobs but reverb and volume at 12'o clock

2 standard Crate cabs, one slanted, one not.

A Boss GT-6 FX processor emulating a 5150 with speaker SW off.

Settings on that are
Gain: 10
Bass: 30
Mids: 60
Highs: 75
Presence: 100
Level: 65
Booster overdrive is added and is at 5 with a level of 100

The rig I optimally had in mind was an ENGL savage 120 with an EVH 5150 cab (If people could recommend any pedals that'd help chime in a good clean sound that'd be nice) but I shall list the 3 set-up's I've entertained.

ENGL savage 120 + EVH 5150 cab
5150 + Vader 4x12 cab
6505 + EVH 5150 cab

If anyone has any better idea's or suggestions I am open for that.