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I've never been able to stand standard size or light strings, It just doesn't feel right and there is nothing like the chunk out of heavier strings.

I use an Ibanez RG220B tuned to B and my string gauges on that are 60-52-42-20P-16-12.

What is your normal tuning and what string gauges do you use for it?
i use .11-.49 in drop d and .13-.56 in drop c.
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I don't use very heavy strings, they're only like 10-52's in drop D.

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i use 11-70 for drop tunings and on afew of my guitars ive got 10-60 set up for standard
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11-46 in standard, would like 11-52's but rotosound don't only go to 46 for thier 11's. I like the beefier tones of heavy strings, and the fact that thye break less if you start getting excited on stage and kaying more vigourously.
I use Roto 11s - 11-48 in E standard. I like the having some beef under my fingers and also bigger strings just sounds so much better
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Quote by PhantomNote
I use Roto 11s - 11-48 in E standard. I like the having some beef under my fingers and also bigger strings just sounds so much better

yes, 11-48, thats it. I love my rotos, big fat tones, I agree about the heavier strngs. not sure i would want to go to 13's though ala SRV
Tomo to answer your question, try ordering a custom set off musicians friend of Ernie Balls of the sizes I use which I listed in the first post. It works perfectly IMO.
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i use DR JZR 12's with a 65 B string. 7 String guitars need heavier strings..
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I've been using Ernie Ball 11-49's for standard tuning for a whilenow (Switching to D'addarios as soon as the local shop stocks them again). I don't usually drop tune, so it works great by me, and if it need be, they're more than capable of remaining stable for a short while. =]
I'm thinking of moving up to 12-53 or so for standard pitch in the future, though.
i use elixer 11-48's (or 49, i'm not sure). I wish they made a set of "beefy" 11's like ernie ball does (11-52). My bass strings could always be heavier, but 11's are perfect for my g,b, and e. unfortunately, there's no going back to ernie ball now that i've tried elixers.
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I'd give Elixir Baritones a go; I use them to tune to C Standard and I'm completely in love with them, I think they're a .68 to .14, or similar. If for some reason you hate your fingers not hurting, and hate having nice, long-lasting strings, GHS also makes a Zakk Wylde sig set of .70 to .14 (or something like that, I always forget the lightest gauge...). I used them for years until elixir came out with its baritones.

I don' know how anyone could stand to use anything lighter...
god i love me some beefy strings i use .11s-48 for E standard, and 13-56 for D standard :P light string are just too flimsy and dont feel right
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I tried it once but i got way too much low end. i just play a 7-string instead.
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I don't like standard sized strings, they bend at the slightest touch. And it much more satisfying (similar to feeling you get when you crush a large box) to fret stronger strings. I use Ernie Ball 'skinny top-heavy bottom' but the top strings aren't very skinny, the high e is (i think) .11
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I use .012-.054 in standard, and the same all the way down to Bb standard, where I use .013-.056
I either need an ERG or a 7 string. Bb standard on 24.75" just doesn't really work. :p
I use .011-.049, but I want to use some 13's one day, but I can't find any

I play mostly Half-Step Down, but I also play Standard too.
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Even though i think there are already threads for this, i like quite a fair amount of tension in my strings, running 10-52's in standard with a 70 gauge for a low B.
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are big string users this hard to come by?

in a lot of circles they aint hard to find.

I prefer them cause i play bass primarily and i play guitar on a crappy beginner thing i got when i was 13 and i started pissing bout with it again just felt the strings were too small so i went for higher gauge and its better for me now.
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Do DR 11-50's or 11-52's in standard and Eb count as beefy?
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I use .012-.054 in standard, and the same all the way down to Bb standard, where I use .013-.056
I either need an ERG or a 7 string. Bb standard on 24.75" just doesn't really work. :p

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12-56 here for D standard tuning

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I use EB skinny top heavy bottoms 10-13-17-30-42-52 for my 6's and EB super slinky 9-11-16-24-32-42-52 for my 7's.
.13-.56 for me, tuned in half step down.
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I use .11s in standard, I like the extra bite the thicker strings provide. I find it really helps with quick/tremolo picking and pinch harmonics.