Hey guys, when playing with a lot of gain I tend to get noisy and my notes less pronounced. What is a good way to mute strings after they are played? I tried both left handed and right handed muting and it has little effect. I know I should turn down the gain, but who doesn't love some distorion now and again.
Ibanez 540S, Randall RG50TC, Blackstar HT-DISTX, Ibanez TS-808
If the notes don't ring when you're playing clean, a noise gate could be a good investment - I know I needed to get one when I started playing my 6505 at any gain past 5, haha
Try improving your precision by practicing scales up and down the neck. Also, when I play with a lot of distortion, I tend to mute the notes that shouldnt come out with the side of my right hand, as in palm muting. Give that a go .
A noise gate could work, I get a lot of feedback so will help there too. As for palm muting I'll give it a go, thanks.
Ibanez 540S, Randall RG50TC, Blackstar HT-DISTX, Ibanez TS-808
a noise gate is only there to stop the background hiss when you are not playing it`s not going to stop any excess string noise, if it did you might aswell turn off the amp. adding a little bit of compression helps.

TS, arch your fingers more, and use your unused fretting fingers and your palm muting to control the strings that aren`t being sounded.

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