so i work already at my local supermarket, i've just left school, and i want to try and get a job at my local music store cos i think itd be great working around instruments since i have a lot of interest in them. I've asked them previously if they had any positions (about a year ago) but they didn't. I play guitar (played for about 3 years), trombone (8 years but not so consistently), euphonium (4 years but also not consistently) and i learned piano when i was younger for a few years. how would i go about getting a job at a music store - to be on the sales sides of things should i need to be a freak at the instruments i play or have previous experience in working with instruments? if u have some advice id appreciate it,
its hard to be a salesman and the store knows this. they lose alot of money training new employees and its not only their salary that they are worried about, they also can lose sales because of it. Im not sayng its no possible but higghly unlikely for you to get a job, unless you were already a salesman in another music store. The stores try to keep thier salesmen so dent expect any openings. Srry dude
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A general knowledge would definitely useful, and since you already play a few different things you have practical experience with instruments. I think maybe you'r emissing the point that it is sales you want to do, so retail or sales experience would likely be a big part of it.
thats something ive been wondering too. i also know my way around a few instruments but know know what else i would need
Knowledge about things should be helpful, though judging from my local stores, it's in no way neccessary.

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Gotta be a people person and know how to deal and convince customers to buy the products in your store. Also, brush up on the knowledge of instruments that that music store provides. I suppose openings for a salesman is pretty hard in a music store especially nowadays in this economy, but when you do find one make sure you're not there to dilly dally.
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If it's a smaller, independant store, it's very much a who you know kind of thing. If it's a chain, they pretty much want a salesperson with a proven track record. Plus, music stores will have CV stacks higher than a computer game shop. As has been said, sales experience will be highly desired, which you don't really get working in a supermarket.