So I was in a Hastings today, and came across their guitar section. Typical cheap stuff....Dano pedals, Maestro and Starcaster guitars, 15w amps, etc...

However, a familiar little blue sticker on one of the Starcaster Jazz's caught my eye, and sure enough, it said "Squier Affinity Series"....on a Starcaster. Are they just putting different names on the same instruments? The two are the same price, and from what I can tell are identical except for the headstock...


Makes me wonder, are affinity and starcaster strats the same way? Because the prices on those are quite different....
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The body shape is different methinks but its not enough to give it a new name....
maybe they just couldn't be bothered making starcaster specific parts. it would be cheaper for them to use the same ones too.

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Marketing ploy? Possibly make the name sound more attractive then "jazz bass" to attract new players, while at the same time keeping the association with the famous jazz bass name by not changing all the Squiers? Or maybe the guitar design team at Fender swapped a bunch of the labels to play a practical joke on all us bass players?
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Maybe, but we have them figured out, don't we? But the Starcaster is what they call all their low-level packs that they sell at places like Best Buy...(where I bought my POS guitar 3 years ago...) while the Affinity are their low-level packs in guitar/bass/drum oriented stores. That's what I think anyways. And they're probably exactly the same.
I think someone just ****ed up at the factory. Squier aren't exactly known for amazing quality control.
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