Hello everyone! New member, I've got a couple things for sale.

Takamine GS-330S acoustic guitar $180 shipped

I've had this acoustic for almost a year now and payed just over 300 for it new with it's case. This thing can't be plugged in or anything, but it really sounds good for a budget guitar. Great to beat on. There's a couple scratches but nothing drastic (I will detail in pics upon request) and it's been well taken care of this past year. It is a dreadnought style acoustic so it can be played really loud.

TC Electronics G Major - Picked this up on craigslist a few months ago. I've been playing this through my Mark V and I love it, but I really just need the cash right now. I've found a lot of crazy and cool settings so they can be yours to enjoy! I don't have the manual but I do have the box and everything else it comes with. Overall it's in very nice shape and sounds AWESOME!

Rocktron Midi Mate - I bought this thing brand new right after getting the G Major and they're perfect for eachother, and I've already got them calibrated. This thing has a very very practical and convenient layout and many cool options. It is practically brand new, I have all the papers and everything in the box. It really is a cool and easy to use midi pedal, probably the best one out there besides the voodoo labs ground control of course.

both brand new would be 500 + tax and stuff. I'm asking for 330 shipped and of course I will include the midi cable I bought to connect them, which I believe has a lifetime warranty from Guitar Center.

Analogman Standard Chorus $160 shipped

The holy grail of chorus. Nuff said.

I really need to sell some of this in the next 2 days so although the prices are already marked down quite a bit I might consider some reasonable offers. Please just let me know.

All questions, concerns, complaints please send to ericfelicianoh@gmail.com I don't know how often I'll be checking this board but I'm constantly checking my email. Pics for anything available upon request.

Thank you,