Hey guys,

I play both guitar and bass, but don't have an awsome amp for either of those (in fact, I don't even have a guitar amp). I know some players use a laptop instead of an amp and I think that would be a good budget-solution to get nice a nice sound. It's also nice that it won't take up much space, since I live in a dorm now and don't feel like carrying a huge stack around. Note that I won't be gigging or anything, it's just bedroom/dorm practise.

I allready have a strong laptop, so that's one problem out of the way. What else would I need to pull this off?

thanks in advance
some speakers, an interface to plug your guitar into the laptop with and some software i.e. line 6 pod farm or something similar
I'd go for an audio interface first for a smooth connection from your instrument to your laptop. Second, you can either choose to work with software to emulate the guitar sound, such as Guitar Rig or Amplitube, or hardware such as the line6 POD. You should try it both and see what suits you best.

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Any reccomendations on the interface? (for computer emulated sounds, I wasn't a great fan of the POD). There are so many out there and I have absolutely no clue. Of course I'll see if I can try them out at my local dealer, but it would be nice to have an idea about what's good. budget is around €100,-
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i think i have a great solution for you...

the tapco LINK.USB

its an audio interface that acts as a sound card & mini mixer. its powered completely from the USB port of your computer & has HI-Z inputs so you can plug your guitar & bass directly into it.. i believe at the moment it comes with a light version of Traction, then you can get some amp simulators such as a free one like (Studio Devil - to keep costs down) or if you have a bit of cash, something like AMPLITUBE or GUITAR RIG,

then you can choose to get a nice pair of reference headphones or reference monitors...




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