Sorry if this is in the FAQs of the forum but i need to buy these tomorrow!

Im customising my crapocaster and im looking for pickups which will give it a mellow, Indie rock kinda feel, a bit like a combo between a tele and a strat.

I already have a humbucking SG, so im looking for something which will allow me that Bloc Party style rhythm sound (Kele's playing).

Actually pretty much the sound on Little Wing (Hendrix (no offense))

Ive been looking at the EMG website and according to them the SA strat set will give me the sound i want, but somehow i doubt that

what do you think?

Any pickup recommendations will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for two singlecoils and a bucker for the bridge.
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bridge - seymour duncan pearly gates
Why doubt the EMGs? That set would give you what you seek and a lot more besides. But all the re-wiring and battery location may not be worth the effort. You have good suggestions for SDs.

btw, Little Wing was probably recorded on an SG
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nah little wing was a strat track for sure

thats good seymour duncans are pretty much the only well stocked brand where i live
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