Sup Dude's

got a new jackson the other day (JS30DK dinky, second hand like new) with a fully scalopped neck (top to bottom) beautifull guitar, really fast, really great.

im getting new pickups for it (CRV2 jacksons in it atm) going to get seymour duncan blackout AHB-1's (active) for them, yes even tho the CRV2's sounds great for a passive i want a active pickup.


i am also going to get all new hardware for it heres the list:

LFR double locking (posibley OFR if i can find one at right price)
Tuning Pegs
Pickups (of course)
Control Knobs
input jack

now the question im asking is i cant make up my mind what colour hard ware:

Black Jackson with gold hardwar and gold pickups OR a BLACK jackson (top tpo botom black) that woudl look evil. what you guys recon?

GOLD or BLACK?????

Go gold.
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Gold. I think guitars that are totally black look bland and boring, but thats only my opinion
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Swapping out the LFR for another LFR seems kind of pointless to me.
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It depends on the style of music you play and how you want to appear in front of a crowd (if you gig)...
If you play mostly classic rock or "mainstream" metal go for the gold. If you play more underground, gritty stuff (black metal, thrash) go black (and never go back)!
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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yes im glad most of yas are saying gold, gold look killa...im changing the bridge cause i dont like the floyd jacksons they have in them, and rather a proper floyd rose (LFR or OFR) and i prefer a double locking tremolo too. its just a personal thing
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yep GOLD IT IS! cheers guys, now time to do some ordering

oh while here.......actualyl ill start a new post on another question i have so ppl know.