Hey guys, I live in Sweden and I'm now facing a big problem. As some of you may know, John Frusciante of the chili peppers uses a discontinued wah-pedal from the 80s called Ibanez WH10. This pedal has now been reissued! The problem is that it can't be found in any european shops As a huge Frusciante fan I would die to get my hands on this pedal... I've found it on 3 american websites:

None of them can ship to Europe. My question is therefore, could any person out there perhaps buy this pedal and then sell it to me? Or put it up on ebay? I would pay extra of course. Please help me!

PS: I mean loving in a very friendshippy, heterosexual way
It's not out yet. When it is it will probably also be available in European stores because Ibanez is a pretty worldwide based company so I'd just wait a month of 2 and you can probably order it from Thomann or something.
What all would I have to do? And what can you give me for the trouble?

Edit: yeah man wait a while so i dont have to do any work.
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Oh, so it is coming to europe? Well I could easily pay you 50 bucks for the effort

Save yourself the effort, they'll either pop up on Ebay or in European shops eventually.
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