I want to ask how to do the tricks in the video below at 4:03

I'm just trying to learn some whammy bar tricks to put in my playing and now seems hard for me to hold the tremolo bar and play in the same time.
But anyway,do you guys have any other cool tricks suggest to me?

Thank you very much~
Dimebag's squealing lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TpYcA9bSaU
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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In that movie he basically flicks a string, presses the bar down, hits a harmonic with his left hand, and then raises the bar so it squeels like that. Takes a bit of practice, it will come to you eventually.

Other things you can do are fluttering, dive bombs, and even subtle vibrato effects and bar drops/raises. Look some up on YouTube
the 5th-4th frets will give you a harmonic that rings out a while, if you want a realy good squel, try the 3rd fret of your g string, if you've got alot of gain and high output pickups.

Another technique is to slide up, and push the bar down as you slide, then once you get to the fret you were sliding to, you let the bar back up. i gota video on youtube where i do this, gives a real crazy type sound.

Also, if you've got a double locking floyd rose, you can lift the bar up, and then let it drop back to the guitar, and it will give a real cool trembling vibrato type effect. If you look up "chaos ridden years Hate crew death roll" the lead guitarist does this move by turning the whammy bar out away from the pickups, and then slapping it withhis hand. i do soemthing very similar in that same video on youtube i was talking about.
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