I might be getting a new guitar for my birthday and christmas(combined present) not sure how much ill be able to spend but i've been looking around at a few guitars and want to get your opinions on them.

I mostly play metal, metalcore, deathcore as well as abit of classic rock occasionally, Im also looking at a new amp for my birthday and christmas present as well so the amp i have now doesn't matter,i'm thinking of a peavey bandit 112 right now but am open to suggestions for amps

Ive looked at quite alot and am down to a choice of 3 now which are

Jackson JS30 Dinky - I like the way it plays, the pickups may need replacing because i didn't really like them, other than that i like the feel of it but at only £279 with a LFR chances the Floyd wont last very long. Anyone know if the Floyd on a JS30 Dinky is any good? link to specs etc; http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/specSheet.php?product=2900012303

LTD (not sure of the model but it had a digital finish) - This played quite nicely but didnt sound as nice as the dinky IMO, I love the finish it had, the bridge looked like it could be quite sturdy and reliable but doesn't mean it would be, it was similar to the one at the bottom of this page http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_graphic.html#uc (differant bridge, and the finish was slightly differant) price was £379 in a sale and should be £599

Ibanez RG320PG-P3 - First time i have played an ibanez and wasnt sure what to expect from it, i really liked the wizard 2 neck and how thin and fast it is, it comes with an edge 3 bridge, which i've read on here aren't very good, i liked the way it played and sounded and at £429 is the most expensive of the 3 that ive narrowed it down to(only because the LTD is in a sale) i would link you to it on the ibanez website but it just links to the homepage, some thoughts on the edge 3 bridge as well please.

Any help is appreciated.
i'd get the LTD....

My alexi 200 isn't bad at all, sure beats the JS30rr hands down. The floyd can go out of tune if you really bomb it, but a quick tap and it's back in tune.


At 3:45 you can see me grab the bar and give it a little jiggle to bring the guitar back in tune, thats what i'm talking about.

and forgive the sloppy playing, just having fun.
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from what ive heard you get more for ur money with ibanez
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