(yeah, I'm bad at labeling my music)

Hi everyone!

The song is in my profile. It's like the fifth version I make of this song (I've been adding stuff to the piece for months). Playing for two years and a half now, btw. The female vocal melody is in the form of a violin and the male vocal melody is done by a viola (not that you can tell by the midi :P).

So, that's pretty much all there is to say about the piece. I recorded this with the windows sound recording while it was playing on Guitar Pro (with Guitars, Basses and Drums' RSE on), so the sound quality is BAAAAD.

Hope you like it, but PLEASE be as honest as you can with the review, if you don't like it (or something in particular of it) please tell me so because that's the only way I can improve it.

C4C, and have a nice day
I listened to both of your songs on your profile. I'm really honest man. When i listened to them i felt like flying, it just flows so beautiful. I just felt like Noodles playing the guitar near the windmill of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz (watch the video). The Clock Tower mixes beautiful major sound and emotional vocal lines. The female and the male's voices if they were real it would be really classy. Also ur new instrumental gave me some flashbacks to my ex- i can get over her Pictures like happy moments, bad times... I just say that ur creation ain't souless. It has the ability to touch. It touched me.

Keep on making good music!
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    nice. the intro reminded me of blackbird by the beatles. then at i think it was 43 or so when the lead stuff kicked in. that realy made it for me. the other parts are nice and it flows good. its a little long but a full band might take care of that. i say trim it down though. less is more. good stuff though.

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    Thanks guys! I'm really glad you liked it. Strat07, I watched the video, I like it pretty much too. Chasepalmer, really well spoted the similarity to blackbird! The acoustic arpeggios came to me while playing with that song