So, me and my band were looking at planning a small tour once we've recorded our EP. So i came on here looking for something and there is nothing. So i thought, has anyone got there smal band on a tour before? Because i think it'd be great if we had like a little guide to either planning or getting on a tour somewhere on the forum.

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it will be difficult, and it may not even be feasible for you (i don't know how good or well known your band is). you need to identify how long you want to head out for, and how far you want to go. you need to figure out where is in range, and where there are decent promoters/venues. then, you need to contact the best people. if you're booking this yourself, you really do need to work a long way in advance, because it will not be simple to get gigs in the right places at the right times.

what i would definitely say though is that you shouldn't try to do this until you've already played in some of the nearby cities and towns a few times. get out and play some one off gigs in other towns. this will stand you in better stead for getting future gigs in them, and it will provide useful experience in the logistics and realities of playing out of town
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