Is the Peavey Classic 30 more well known for its clean tones or overdrive?

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I'm not sure it's known for either. IMO it should be best known for how well it works with pedals. It's clean channel is good, but more generic than having a special character. The gain channel is not particularly outstanding. People may balk at this suggestion but IMO it's a Epiphone Valve Jr with more power and features. Two channels, FX loop, more power, and built in reverb. But like a Vjr a generic tone that lacks character and is asking to have a pedalboard plugged into it.

I loved mine. I only sold it because it got replaced by an Ampeg J-20, and it was easy to sell because they are in demand.
I'll never understand the craze about the Classic 30. I never really saw it's limitations until I actually gigged with one, imo, they sound really medicore when turned up.